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From sales lead management to account management and marketing processes, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions are designed to increase a company’s efficiency, while bringing new insights about their clients.


The system integrates three functional areas:

Sales – manage and monitor sales processes;

Marketing – implement marketing campaigns, track the efficiency with tools that help you target prospects, plan the activities and analyse results;

Service – automates activities so that customer service representatives can deliver in the short term high quality services;



  • Planning and sales management;
  • Track performance, forecast sales;
  • Visibility and control;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Planning and budgeting marketing campaigns;
  • Segmentation and targeting prospects;
  • Manage campaigns and resulted responses (leads);
  • Improving customer relationships;
  • Increasing sales – up sale and cross sale;
  • A better and more structured organization inside company;
  • Analysis and reports;

Understanding the business particularities is of essence when dealing with CRM projects. When it comes to CRM, Athom’s approach is to first get deeper understanding and insight on our customer business ecosystem, dealing with business processes and specific cases that make each of our clients unique. We will match these findings with our knowledge and experience, run a comprehensive analysis and provide the optimum solutions that secure and minimize implementation risks, while delivering the maximum value to its stakeholders. Using properly balanced seniority in our development teams, we make sure that our CRM projects implementations are carefully planned and the delivery rises to our commitment.