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ERP systems are the company’s backbone and these solutions are responsible for all data and internal knowledge of the entire organization.

ERP systems collect and manage company’s processes in a single integrated platform. These are multilingual business management solutions and offer functionalities for a wide range of industries: distribution, manufacturing, professional services, retail, finance and insurance, construction, communications, health, education, etc.


The ERP solutions have several key competitive advantages:

  • ERPs are designed from the begining to meet the requirements of companies that are in a continuous development and business growth;
  • Due to their architecture, these systems enable high flexibility and they can be easily adapted to meet any business needs;
  • The systems are scalable – you can easily extend the functionality and number of users;
  • Best value for money;
  • Allows integration with other applications;
  • The project methodology uses industrie’s best practices and it is a strong support for change management initiatives;
  • Easy integration with Office and Outlook applications;
  • Connects employees, partners and customers in a global market;


The main benefits of the ERP systems are: 

  • Visibility of information - an unique database;
  • Improving working efficiency;
  • Reducing costs by eliminating a large amount of handcraft;
  • Improving collaboration within the company and with partners;
  • Increasing control over the activity;
  • Provides complete, accurate and real-time information for management decisions;
  • Support in managing business processes to adapt quickly and efficiently to market environment;
  • Inventory optimization;
  • Reducing supply time;
  • Organize information to define production capacity;
  • Increasing sales efficiency and improving customer relationships;
  • Enhancing logistics processes;
  • Provides powerfull tools for financial operations and strategic planning;
  • Manage access permissions and restrictions;
  • Reports generator;
  • Supports long-term development of the organization;

The ERP solutions provide the ability to choose from multiple functionality packs according to any type of business.