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Transform the content in information source for your business with industry-specific solutions to capture, manage, analyze, and distribute content in order to achieve better results. Athom Software offers content management solutions able to help you in making decisions with a positive impact on your business.


Document Imaging & Capture - Store, manage, access, share, and integrate all types of digital content.

Captures information from paper suport and converts them into digital format that can be stored.

Solutions for document capture, digitization and content management provides organizations with the tools they need to automate key processes, cut costs and to delivery excellent customer service.


Advanced Case Management - Enables content. Get a 360-degree perspective of the case through collaboration, content, process, analysis and business rules.

Case Manager combines information, processes and people to provide a full view of case information. Integrates content and process management with analysis-advanced tools, operational rules and social software in a complex case management product.

Social Content Management - Share, collaborate and manage content.

Provides content in context - an engagement system that enables business users to exchange ideas, to locate expertise and access relevant knowledge via professional social tools.

It helps organizations create relevant content, put content in motion, solve problems easier and make better decisions faster - to deliver innovative products, world class customer care and improve workforce productivity.


Content Analytics - Analyze content. Get quikly relevant information for your business by accessing, interpreting and analyzing unstructured content.

Organizations that manage large volumes of information need to extract the meaning and the context from large volumes of unstructured content, in order to harness their potential for real business. The solution for content analysis helps you to make these things in almost every field of business. Create content that can be read electronically from unstructured data. Connects people with relevant content. Discover valuable information that will assist you in making decisions. Increase productivity and reduce risks.